It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintence! I’m Favarol Extra Virgin
I was created in 2022 and I am the first monovarietal oil in the Orlandi family.
I am called Favorol because I am produced by using exclusively the oldest native variety of olives in Verona: Favarol.
I am really special, because there are very few Favarol olive trees remaining. Mine is an extremely limited production, I am almost a unique edition.

The label dedicated to me is brown with stylized gold branches. It was inspired by my innate qualities, which were bestowed onto me by the Earth when giving me life.

Cold extraction with a continuous cycle system
Storage: stainless steel tanks in the absence of oxygen, in a temperature-controlled environment.

Sorten Only Favarol olives
Aromen To the taste, I am have a powerful character. I am bitter and have a persistent spicy tang.
Geschmack My aroma is a medium fruity one with notes of vegetables, artichoke and green almond.
Erhältlich als 250 ml bottle


You can appreciate my positive attributes on leavened bread, raw meat tartare, raw shellfish or fondant chocolate ganache.

Az. Agr. Orlandi Carlo
P.IVA 02869180238 • C.F. RLNCRL75L06L781H