We Present who we are: pur land, our oil mill, our Family


These are the distinctive traits of our family.

Love for our land.
The ambition to create our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The audacity to make the leap from cultivator to producer.


OUR Extra Virgin

We want to bring to the table an oil that can say something about us;
oils with flavors and aromas that take you back
to the traditions and values that ​​we believe in.

Our Extra Virgin Oils are versatile in the kitchen,
protagonists on the table, offering a complete and perfect experience.


In the hills of Verona, olive groves and vineyards
are an integral part of the landscape.

And it is precisely in these hills, in the heart of Val d’ Illasi
that we have chosen to establish and develop our oil mill and to raise our family.



Our oil mill in Illasi, set within an ancient farmhouse,
it is the heart of the company.

It is the place where everything originates:
this is where the olives become Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Find out how our Extra Virgin Oils are made.



‘Frantoio Famiglia Orlandi’ is located in an ancient rural courtyard
immersed in the lush green countryside.
As well as our home, it is the site of our beloved oil mill.

It is here that we love to welcome guests,
introducing them to our family,
our work, our products.


Az. Agr. Orlandi Carlo
P.IVA 02869180238 • C.F. RLNCRL75L06L781H